Hobbies, Addictions, and Obsessions
Things I do in my spare time, just for fun
Card Readings
I started reading cards about ten years ago. The deck I use is called The Celtic Oracle, and is based on the Celtic tree-months, ogham runes, and Celtic legends. The cards are designed to identify patterns. Once the patterns are revealed, they can be changed.

I also like to have readings done, just to see other people's style and maybe pick up some pointers. I have to say one thing that bugs me is people who try to read me instead of the cards. No fair!

Dream Interpretation
I have been doing this for decades. In some ways it's the opposite of reading cards, because when I read cards I'm interpeting something for someone else, and when I do dream interpretation the goal is to get the someone else to do their own interpretation.

I think both of these hobbies grew out of too much poetry interpretation in school.
Things I do way too much of
OK, don't know if this counts, because even though I write all the time, I do it in my head and hardly manage to get any of it down on paper.

If you've been to my RenPics pages, then you have already discovered my secret - I'm a RenGeek. I spend WAY too much time at Faire...thank goodness it only happens seven weeks out of the year.

Yeah, I'm that bad - if it comes down to "Gee, we only have enough money to pay the electric bill or go to RenFest" the verdict usually centers around, "Well, we've got lots of candles..."
When it's gone from "get a life" to "get professional help"
Parent Soup
What's Parent Soup? It's a website for parents. They have message boards. I spend WAY WAY WAY too much time posting on them. I serve as a community leader for the Parenting Issues Debate and Morality Debate boards.

OK, true confession time - it's not so  much the boards as the people I have met posting there. The boards are populated with the most amazing group of women I have ever met. Funny, fiesty, and never afraid to call 'em like they see 'em.

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