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Hmmmm, so you actually want to know something about me? I have to admit, I get a certain voueristic pleasure out of reading people's personal bios on the web, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised if you feel the same way...

Bear in mind that anything you read here is highly subjective.

My name is Jo Ellen Gill. I am a forty-something  native Houstonian. (That's the un-subjective part)
I spent four years in Nacogdoches at Stephen F. Austin State University. After college I went to work for JC Penney, (what do you do with a degree in English? Go into retail) which lasted about 4 years. I spent a year of that time living in Lake Jackson, which is about 60 miles south of Houston.

I quit to go back to school at the University of Houston and got a Masters in Education and a teaching certification. While in school I started working for SAGA Transport, a french-owned freight forwarding company. I  worked  there as a software developer and trainer for the next twelve years.
I liked it, especially the travel. For a while  I worked on a contract writing computer based training programs for a chemical processing company. I liked that, too. I spent two years as a business analyst at  Shell Energy, in downtown Houston. I enjoyed trying to figure out the tunnel system. Now I'm working for Reliant Energy. When I figure out doing what, I'll let you know.

I now live in my hometown, just a few blocks from my parents. This is something of a tradition in my family; my sister actually lives across the street from my parents, her sister-in-law is five houses down from me, and I have a cousin that lives about 5 streets over. About six years ago we moved into a new (for us) house. I'm still unpacking.

I am married to a wonderful man, Rob, and we have two daughters, Taylor (from my first marriage) and Jessica (from his first marriage), and a son, Logan, who was quite a surprise.

We mostly just hang out with family and friends. We
enjoy movies, Renaissance Faires, Celtic events, and watch way too much television.

Life is good.
Me as I appear at Renaissance Festivals Me as a mom
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