Battleship Texas
May 27, 2007
Logan drops some money in the donation box
Logan is impressed by all the shells
I sneak a peek at the galley
We decide to see what's below deck
Taylor and Logan try out the deck guns
Rob and Logan take aim
The ship has been refurbished since our last visit. Doesn't she look pretty?
What's behind this hatch?
So much to see...
...and it's all hands-on!
Tay checks out the hanging bunks
Back topside, we visit the bridge
We go up...
...and down...
...and up...
...and down!
The deck as seen from above
It's' a busy day on the ship channel
Uh-oh...the rain is finally headed our way
The wind kicks up
We stop for a quick picture...
...and make it to the monument before the rain starts
Logan likes to turn the crank on the penny-squishing machines
Yes, we live in the flatlands
Carved into one of the window sills - because nothing says "I love you" like vandalism
So who decided this clump of marsh was worth fighting over?
Logan is tired and grumpy
But there's nothing like splashing through a puddle to make everything OK again!