Corn Pudding

You know that horrible feeling you get when you hear there's going to be a pot luck lunch at work? Because you know you're either going to stay up till midnight making something, or get up at the crack of dawn to make something, or forget to make something and then show up with a bag of chips and hope nobody notices what a total loser you are?

Well, kiss that feeling goodbye. Because I'm about to share with you the ultimate pot luck dish. And even though it has to cook for an hour, it takes like 5 seconds to throw together so you have time to let it cook while you're looking for a clean shirt that actually matches your only clean pair of pants. And everyone will love it, because it has a stick of butter in it, and who doesn't love butter?

You will need:
1 can cream style corn
1 can yellow corn
1 package corn muffin mix (Jiffy is spiffy)
1 stick butter
1 cup sour cream
Mixing bowl
Can opener
Baking dish

Melt the butter. Dump it, along with everything else, into the mixing bowl. Well, not
everything else, because you're going to use the can opener to open the cans of corn and only dump the corn into the mixing bowl. And you're going to open the package of corn muffin mix and only dump the mix into the bowl. And right about now you're thinking, Well, duh...of course I already knew that. But I've been on the 'net for a long while now and the one thing I've learned is never to be surprised at how many people take things literally.

In any case, once it's all in the bowl, stir it around with the spoon until it's good and mixed. Then dump it into the baking dish and bake it at 350 for about an hour, or until it's lightly (and I mean
lightly) browned.

This is the basic version, which is a bit on the sweet side. Thus the Pudding part of Corn Pudding. But you can spice it up a bit by adding a chopped chipotle pepper, or a can of green chilies, and if you're really feeling crazy, some grated cheddar cheese. Or get creative, and add some bell pepper, or black olives. Who am I to judge?

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