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Logan Turns Two
November 2003
Lunch at the Aquarium
November 2003
Touch tank
The "Kid's Table"
Everybody sing!
The kids pose by a fountain
Up Periscope!
St. Patrick's Day Celebration
March 2004
Jimmy plays the pipes
We strike a pose
Logan has a drum solo
Wearin' the green
We Visit Angel Forge
January 2004
The Master Smith at the forge
The Hammer and the Anvil
Tay tries out her favorite sword
Jessie Stops By for Ice Cream
April 2004
Taylor's 5th Grade Graduation
May 2004
This looks interesting
All smiles
Look! No hands!
School's out!
The graduate
Sitting pretty
Picnic in the Park
June 2004
Walking to the park
Fun in the sandbox
I'd rather ride
June 2004
Logan on the boardwalk
Jess enjoys some dots
So much to see
Riding the train
Roasting Marshmallows
June 2004
Is it done yet?
Almost ready
Watching the Lunar Eclipse
October 2004
There it is!
This is cool!
Getting a closer look