A Day at the Faire
Texas Renaissance Festival, 1998
The operative word for 1998 was MUD. Boy, was there mud! But as these pictures show, that didn't stop us from having a wonderful time. So, what is there to do at the Texas Renaissance Festival? Take a look through our scrapbook and see for yourself.

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Here we have just arrived. You can tell because Taylor hasn't lost her brooch yet. (This one was number three, in case anyone's counting)
No day at the Faire would be complete without facepainting.
Taylor joined in the maypole dance for the first time this year. The mud made it kind of tricky - notice how she's watching her step!
Watching the shows is always one of the best parts of the Faire. Throw-up Comedy Juggling is a great combination of laughs and thrills.
We always have to catch the Rogues. Taylor especially has to stop by to give Bryan Blaylock a hug. She's been a fan since she was two, the first year she insisted I make her a 'dancing dress'.
And it's a good thing we're wearing our dancing clothes, because there's always a dance to join.
Everyone sings along with 'Amazing Grace'.
We spend lots of time in Sherwood Forest. There's so much to do - games, the big swings, elephant and camel rides, and Taylor's favorite tree-dwelling dragon, Gregory.
For a small contribution to Gregory's cookie fund Taylor gets a kiss and a present.
As far as she's concerned, the best deal at the Faire.
Usually, Taylor needs help with the fishing game. But she caught this one all by herself!
Taylor's not the only one who needs help with the games - here my friend Rob tries to improve my aim (without much success).
Tara and Jen take a camel ride.
Sherwood Forest doesn't have the only rides at the Faire. This year we tried the Teacups and the Dragon Swings. Quite a thrill!
You never know who you might run into at the Faire. You might come across a newly hatched dragon...
...or one that's fully grown.
And the best part of the Faire - getting to visit with all our Faire friends, like Brandon.
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