Refrigerator Poems
I love my poetry magnets! OK, so maybe it's not the greatest poetry in the world, but it certainly is fun.
Rob did this one...I wonder if it's about me?

like a full obdurate paragon of woman
she torments men with escape
fly gentle away from this goddess
or languish in her torpid embrace
Here's one Jessie and I did together:

ache not for the moon
austere in the sky
but for the sun
near flame to warm your eye
Can you tell we have the "love" edition?

Come give me thy hand
promise to adore me true
lest we hunger and
our sweet dance be through
And here's some random lines that haven't made it into full-blown poems...yet...

She who never loves lives not

A turgid lapse would spurn my tawdry boor

obsequious cunning of my ersatz herculean loins
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