Our Letterboxing Page
Jessie finds the letterbox - right where the clues led us
Taylor and Jessie by the pond we never knew was in this park...until we went letterboxing!
Taylor and Jessie leaving their mark and stamping their notebooks
"Houston Hummer"
It turns out that we have a letterbox right in our neighborhood!
To find out more about letterboxing, go to Letterboxing North America
"Sugar Land"
But we braved the gators to get the box, and found a safe place to do our stamping.
This sign explained the walkways. Yikes!
This was a really pretty park, with well-paved walkways
"Hodge's Bend"
This was the most complicated search so far - we had to use a compass to get our bearings. We were too busy following the clues to take pictures, but we did manage to get this one.
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"Battleship Texas"
We tour the battleship, and find a letterbox
"San Jacinto"
In the marshes, we find another box
On the gang plank
Jess goes below deck
Tay explores the lower deck
Stamping our notebooks
Summer flowers bloomed all over the marsh
The monument
Jess and Tay liked the Spanish moss
Searching for the box. There was a lot of undergrowth, which added to the adventure!
Getting out our stamps
More summer flowers