My Favorite Links
Here, in no particular order or organization, are some of my favorite links.
Check 'em out!
The best show on - even if it has been cancelled

Television Without Pity
Missed your favorite show this week? Find a brutally honest and funny recap here

Meg's Boyfriend of the Week
Witty and enthusisastic celebrity write-ups, plus book reviews and recommendations

Got a secret? These people do - and share them as part of an ongoing art project. Updated weekly.

Jump the Shark
Find out when your favorite tv show "jumped the shark"

Star Wars Pants

So it's silly. But it always makes me laugh.

The Psycho Poetry Babes from Hell
E-zine of the PPBFH, a cyber poetry circle. Poems, bios, links - and find out how
you can be an honorary Poetry Babe

The Renaissance Faire Junkie

One of the most all-encompassing Renaissance Faire sites. Amazing array of Links to Faires, costumes, performers, vendors, and personal Faire pages.

Steve Burns
Former Blues Clues Host goes Rock N Roll. And he's funny, too.

Houston Real-Time Traffic Map
OK, so if you're not in Houston it's not much help, but if you are, don't try to get anywhere without checking here first

Black Horse Design
Beautiful and wonderfully made handcrafted jewelry inspired by Celtic legends

Peter's Evil Overlord List

Want to be an Evil Overlord? Then you'd better check out this list before you send your Legions of Terror to take over the world.

An amazing Australian band mixing bagpipes, electric guitar, and didgeridoo. You've gotta hear it to believe it!

How Stuff Works
Every wondered how a toilet works? How about a helicopter? Find out more than you ever wanted to know at this very cool site.

The Dialectizer

Is is politically correct? Probably not. But is it funny? You bet! Try this out on your favorite (or least favorite) website.

Urban Legends on the Internet

Wondering if forwarding that e-mail really will save a dying child or win you a trip to Disneyworld? Here's where to get the real scoop.
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