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I can be charming
That was a great meal
Whoo Hoo! Pumpkin Patch!
On the move!
Such a big boy
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Me and Mommy
Karaoke King
Who is that caped toddler?
It's Destructo-Baby!
No mere door can stop me!
Aw, mom...it's just water
What do you mean, no?
Superbaby strikes again
Logan and friends
It's Yoda!
Whoo Hoo! Mud!
I can figure this out
Future rock star
All tuckered out
Sharing Pretzels
It's out of control!
Ready for action
Renaissance man
Writing a letter
Look at that face
Pretending to be Riki Tiki Tavi
How do I look?
Party Time!
Tuckered out
Dishes with Daddy
Laying around
I can do it myself