This is me at 18 months. Wasn't I cute?
Digging out the Archives
Miscellaneous pics through the years
Taylor and I on the first day of second grade.
For no particular reason, a pic of our living room on a day when it was clean.
Halloween Past. You can tell it's the distant past because I'm thin. This was at work. We had a VERY casual dress code.
Taylor and Hallie on Halloween 2001.
Taylor and Jessie, in that precious moment before they start getting on each other's nerves.
Taylor playing with Crystal Stix at TRF 2001.
The kids ride the ferry in New Orleans.
Alligator camouflage
Jessie plays pin the nose on the clown
Tay flashes a smile
Tay in the morning
Sleepy boy
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Tay shows Logan how to play croquet
Moss in New Orleans
Hanging out at a friend's house
Bat Boy and Gypsy Woman 2002