More than you wanted to know
I was born in late July, which makes me a Leo. Actually, I am what's known as a 'double Leo' - Leo with Leo rising. What exactly does that mean? It means my husband is a very, very patient man.

According to people who supposedly know these things, I am a very old soul. And I have been a woman for many many lifetimes. I guess this explains why I like being a girl so much. I can't remember a time in my life when I wished I were a boy. Maybe it helped that I grew up in the midst of the women's movement. I have been lucky enough to both benefit from the struggles of the women who went before me and to have seen and even been a part of those struggles. It makes me appreciate the choices I have in life even more. And choice, after all, was what the women's movement was supposed to be about.

I have had an amazingly average life. I like that. After going through what one old boyfriend called "an abnormally happy childhood" and all the typical late teen/early twenties angst, I have settled quite happily into my grownup years. When I was in high school, if someone had told me my fate was to be content, I would have been horrified. Contentment seemed worse than death - what would life be without the passion, the drama, that was my teenage existence? What I have discovered with maturity is that I can do without the drama. Contentment has its own brand of passion.

Let's see...what else about me? I have red hair, dark eyes, have never had a tan in my life. I freckle in the sun. I am grateful that sunscreen was invented while I was still relatively young. I used to be very very skinny. I'm not any more. My 'awkward stage' lasted about 15 years. Remember the girl that guys who wanted to tease each other claimed liked them? I was that girl. My freshman yearof high school, my pictures came out so badly that I had them retaken. We didn't buy the retakes, either. It didn't help that I went to high school in the 70's, the decade of the ugliest fashions in human history. But true to storybook form, I got through my duckling phase and although I don't think I ever felt like a true swan, I think I made it up to at least pheasant.

In college, I majored in English and minored in Physics. Both were accidents more than choices. I am a bit proud of  the physics minor, since the school I went to didn't actually offer a minor in physics. It's a long story having to do with attendance policies and accusations (unfounded) of plagerism. If you want to hear it, drop me a line. But for now lets just say that I didn't so much graduate as agree to leave as long as they gave me a degree in something. Must be that double Leo thing. Seriously, I did earn it, but parts of the road were really rocky. I laugh now to think how differently I would handle a professor telling me "I can't help it if you've managed to pass classes by wrapping some sugar daddy of a professor around your little finger, but that won't work with me."

So, let's wrap this up with some stats:

Age:  47

Zodiac: Leo

Chinese Zodiac: Rat

Height:  5'6" (well, 5' 51/2, but who's counting)

Weight: Anywhere from 145 - 165, depending on whether there's any ice cream in the house

Number of cavities: 2 (let's hear it for Crest)

IQ: bigger than a breadbox

High school class ranking: Somewhere in the middle. I think I was 256 out of 600 or so. A lot of this has to do with loaning my leaf collection to Lori Coffelt when hers mildewed.  A noble gesture, but it earned me an F in Field Biology.

Shoe size: 7 1/2

Favorite Fast Food: Burger King Whoppers

So, now you know just about everything there is to know about me. Thanks for taking the time.
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