The Princess and the Frog
(be kind - I wrote this when I was 13)
While walking through the woods one day,
the Princess spied a frog.
"Oh, how ugly can you be?"
said she to him upon the log.

"Princess, it is plain to me
of manners you have none.
Rather I would be a frog
than anything under the sun."

"But frogs are ugly, can't you see?"
"Beauty is not everything."
"And worst of all" the Princess said,
"a mere frog cannot sing!"

"Girl, I've had enough of this!"
the frog roared, turning red.
"Can't I get a word of this
to stay inside your head?
It's not by your looks, or how you sing
true beauty can be told.
For all that does not matter
if your heart is made of gold."

The Princess turned upon her heel
and swiftly walked away.
The frog plopped down and gave a sigh
for what went on that day.
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