August 2006
Our Weekend Adventure Begins...
The kids occupy themselves while I watch the clouds
But then, a sign catches my eye...
...then another...and another...
...then, 12 signs later...
...we are compelled to turn into the parking lot.
What will we find?
Buc-ee's does not disappoint.
Cheesy souvenirs!! Caramel corn nuts!!
Back on track at last, we soon find ourselves in San Antonio
First stop - the Riverwalk. We walk (and sometimes sit) along the river.
Next stop - the Alamo
The children are impressed, but Rob and I enjoy the history more, I think.
Determined to be tourists, we go to the Guiness musuem...
...and the wax museum
Logan pretends to be frightened at the scary parts
I think he's really frightened at Taylor's driving
We stop to have dinner at the Rainforest Cafe
Then take an evening boat ride down the river
Back at the hotel, the kids play with Logan's new frontier set.
But we don't stay up late, because tomorrow, there's more!