Day Two of our weekend adventure...
We hang out in the gift shop waiting for our cave tour to start
Where's Logan?
There he is!!
They call our tour and we line up at the entrance
Logan has a brief bout of nerves as we wait on the stairs...
...but curiousity overcomes the willies
Even Taylor has to duck under some of the wedge stones. These are the rocks that keep the cave from closing up again. Yikes!
Taylor helps Logan down some of the steeper stairs
TA-DAH! We reach the bottom of the caves
Ewww...Rob kisses the "lucky stone". The green stuff is mineral deposit, not slime.
It's a long climb back to the surface
Waiting for the train ride to start
And we're off!
The best part of the train ride is feeding the deer
We ride right through that mountain to the left
That tickles!
Back in San Antonio, we take a stroll along the riverwalk
Tay and Rob wait for Logan and I to catch up
We got sidetracked looking at these cypress roots
The flowers were gorgeous
Logan waves at a passing boat
A Quinceanera and her Dama
Logan thought it was funny that all the girls had the same dress
This waterfall is actually the filter for the riverwalk
We stop to listen to some music and have some ice cream. The kids can't wait to get their cones!
The riverwalk is fun!
This stage was in the movie Miss Congeniality
We take one last riverboat ride
The lights are starting to come on, so it's time to head back to the hotel. We still have another day of adventure tomorrow...
There's lots to see along the riverwalk
On to Day 3!!