Day Three of our Weekend Adventure takes us to...
Of course, we start the day with a hearty breakfast
Logan especially liked the "rocket cup". Blast off!
At first, we see the animals in the distance...
...but it's not long before they come a little closer
We saw lots of animals I had never seen before
The donkeys were especially polite. They waited for us to drop food for them.
"Feed me!"
These ostriches were snoozing in the shade
The zebras like to strike (or is that stripe) a pose
Some of the animals weren't a bit shy about asking for food. At this point, Logan started to get a little worried.
We rolled up his window, and he felt a bit better
Taylor amuses herself with the feed pellets
These guys thought a nap was more appealing than the food we offered
Looking for leftovers
Logan was much happier with the animals that were more his size
Rob and Taylor make some new friends
On the way home, we stop at Frank's for some good eats.
Logan looks through the guidebook to find the pictures of the animals we saw
It's been a busy three days, and The Boy is worn out