Scarborough Faire
Can you say HOT? Deciding to go to Scarborough during one of the hottest years on record is probably not the smartest decision I've ever made. And it seemed the fates were against us, what with the humongous traffic jam we hit leaving Houston and me missing the exit to our hotel not once but three times. But despite the obstacles we had a wonderful time.

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This is Rob, before we talked him into wearing tights. Taylor was being quite the shutterbug that day, but due to her small stature most of the pictures she took were of people's stomachs.
Here's one shot she did manage to get. This is me checking out my new Pendragon bodice. Usually, I wear something different every year, but I love this bodice so much I've worn it two years now.
There are lots of great shops at Scarborough, like this one where I'm checking out buying a drinking horn.
Taylor, of course, loves the games, especially when she wins!
There are other games, too, like this impromptu game of tag wtih a very nice stranger.
Watching the parade is always fun. Everyone bore up rather well, considering the heat.
Taylor's favorite part of the parade is always the Scots.
Especially when she gets to march with them!
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