Snow White Revisited
I wasn't entirely blameless, you know.
I could have taken a bite from the other side.
But I wanted perfection, nothing less -
Let age and ugliness settle for less than I was worth.

That's how I came to choke on someone else's bitterness.

There was no pain,
Only a moment of clarity
Truth dawning as dusk set in.
Time enough to see the old hag smile.

But even in my deathless sleep I was not allowed to hide:
They placed me under glass
Like some splendid pheasant
Garnished with flowers instead of rosemary.

Trapped in beauty trapped in glass.

People like to say I was awakened by a kiss
As if a kiss could have reached me.
It was the dwarf, stumbling under the burden I had become
who tripped, and loosed my grip upon the apple.

I'm not complaining, you understand -
Only trying to explain how it felt
Returned to my rightful place
With the rememberence of bitterness lodged in my throat.

I do not look in mirrors.

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