A Day at the Faire
Texas Renaissance Festival 1997

This year we only made it to the festival once. And wouldn't you know it, the day we went was the day it was rained out. Luckily, the bad weather didn't arrive until almost closing time, anyway.

I'm always a little bummed that I'm too big to ride the donkey. Luckily for Taylor, she's just the right size.

There are always lots of photo opportunities!

Here's a shot of the three of us. Notice that I'm wearing Taylor's scabbord. Notice in the next picture of me and Rob that Rob is carrying Taylor's scabbord.

This is why it's a good idea to wait until closing to buy your child a sword. Unless, of course, you feel like a wooden scabbord enhances the image you're going for.

Taylor always gets her face painted. This year, it was her own design - a sword wrapped with a rose.

We always have to stop and say hello to Bryan of the Rogues.

Another favorite thing to do is visit with the fairies. Here Taylor is coloring an ornament with Luna.

When the rain started, we popped into Crystal Stix to stay dry. Here Rob tries a "helicopter spin".

Taylor has her own style. Take a look at how the water is starting to puddle in the distance.

And now look at the same puddle, ten minutes later! (By the way, that's my friend Mike trying to imitate Taylor's "maybe this will work better if I close my eyes" style).

In the end, the rain won out and we were all ankle-deep in water. But since it was only 30 minutes until closing time, we didn't mind.

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