A Day at the Faire
Texas Renaissance Festival, 1999
This year, I got to do one of my favorite things - introduce the Faire to someone for the first time. Two someones, in fact - my nieces Sara and Abby.  We had a blast, as these pictures show.

(Due to some size/space problems not all these thumbnails are linked yet - but they will be!)
Not only did they go to the Faire, but they wore garb as well. At first they weren't sure about it, but once they saw how terrific they looked, all doubts were gone.

(I highly recommend going in garb to anyone who wants the total Faire experience)
One of our first stops was for breakfast. Taylor just can't resist the cinnamon pretzels!
A terrific place to see great costumes and characters is the Parade.

You get all the Giants in one place...
...plus all the knights, and their ladies...
...and sometimes a few surprises!
Of course, the parade isn't the only place to see magical creatures. There were lots of fairies this year, from the Fairy King with his magificent wings...
...to those of a decidedly darker kind. (Don't worry, they're all friendly!)
And don't forget those who practice magic! This Wizard even brought along his pet dragon.
New this year was Titania's Bower, a 4500 square foot English garden. It was a popular spot for weddings, and one of my favorite places just to hang out.
The nice folks at Excalibur Leather made a baldric  for Taylor's new sword, but that didn't stop her from being interested in Daddy's sword instead!
Of course, we found time to catch all our favorite shows, like the Flaming Idiots.

Sadly, this is the Idiots last year at Faire. They are ending the Faire circuit to do a show on Broadway...great for them, sad for us!
No day at the Faire would be complete without a trip to Sherwood Forest.

Here Abby and Taylor are waiting for Gregory the Dragon to wake up from his nap.

He gets some help waking up with the alphabet song.
And Taylor always has to try her hand at catching a fish.
We spent a lot of time in the Maze - perhaps a little more time than we planned!
Rob and Sara pause for a moment to get their bearings, and some directions from Abby and Taylor (the first ones out!).

Of  course the coolest thing about the maze is getting to ring the bell.
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