A Day at the Faire
Texas Renaissance Festival, 2000

This was the COLD year! Crowds were light, but we still had a good time. We ended up only going twice, due to the bad weather.
You can't tell from this picture, but we're freezing. Thank goodness the Rogues loaned us some handwarmers. Taylor kept two in her muff and I kept some in my pocket.
Taylor kept warm by playing games in Sherwood Forest. Here she shows off some of the stickers she won catapulting frogs.
And of course no day at the Faire would be complete without a hug from Bryan.
Taylor takes a moment to warm her hands.
The Roguettes try to stay warm between shows.
We stay long enough for me to compete in the Tournament of Charms and Graces. (I didn't win, darn it...probably because my frozen fingers kept losing hold of my handkerchief)
Our second visit wasn't such a chilling experience. Or perhaps we were just basking in the warmth of the King's presence.
The belly dancers seemed much happier as well!
Taylor and I take a spin on the teacups.
A gentleman shows his chivalrous side.
A noblewoman displays her charms.
It's always nice to see a fellow highlander.
Magical creatures abound.

From fairies...
...to giants...
...to gnomes.
New this year, the carrillion bells sent haunting music through the early morning mist.
The King and Queen greet revelers at the Pub Sing...
...where a plot is foiled, with help from the pirates.
The day ends with dancing.
And a dragon's kiss.
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