A Day at the Faire
Texas Renaissance Festival, 2002
This was an exiting year for us - Jessie was able to go to the Faire! Nana got to go along, too - and of course I convinced her to go in garb. A cold front blew in early in the afternoon, so Rob, Jess, Logan and Nana left early. Taylor and I stayed to see the fireworks, which ended up being cancelled due to high winds. But we didn't mind - that just meant we had more time to party at the front gate. Rob and I went back the next weekend, and the weather was much nicer.
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The gang's all here! Notice I'm not wearing a bodice...
...a situation which we remedied with a quick trip to Exalibur Leather.
Taylor tries out a hunting horn...
A well-dressed couple takes a rest
The King's magician shows Taylor a few tricks.
There are always some otherworldly characters around, like this dragon and these "living statues".
Masks make even royalty look mysterious.
And, of course, the fairies.
...while Logan munches on a cinnamon pretzel.
We love watching the glass spinner at work.
The Queen throws Taylor a flower during the parade.
Nobility on Parade.
Some of the royalty are larger than life.
The parade is the best place to get a close look at all kinds of garb.
The jousters and their squires head for the lists.
Taylor managed to talk Rob into buying her one of these swords.
And the nice people at Crystal Stix gave me a replacement stick for the one I lost when we moved.
We all tried our hand at twirling these things...but I soon found out I wasn't exactly a natural.
Then it was off to Sherwood Forest, where the girls took a spin on the dizzy dragon...
...and Jessie got to meet Gregory, who has gotten a hair cut.
Even Logan got to Pluck a Duck.
Nana and Logan share a toy while the rest of us get lost in the maze.
Taylor and Jessie strike a pose in the Water Garden.
Jessie gets to pose with a northern princess.
And we have to get our faces painted by the Tree Lady!
Jessie tries on a flower garland.
Logan thinks the Faire is number one.
Taylor takes a spin on the carousel.
We get comfortable in the skychairs shop.
The Enchanted Gardens offer another place to sit a spell.
The next weekend, we managed to catch a few shows that we couldn't watch when the girls were with us, like Sound and Fury.
These guys are really funny, but their shows are definitely PG13.

Who knew Shakespeare could be so naughty?
He also loved all the music. This pirate group made him want to dance.
For Logan, the best part of the show was trying to climb up on the benches.
These guys look scary, but Logan just thought they were cool.
Logan gets excited waiting for Gregory to wake up.
Although he's not too sure about that kissing dragons stuff.
Even though my form is lousy, I manage to hit the target...huzzah!
This dragon looks pretty fierce, too!
We take a spin on the carousel.
Logan checks out a windchime at  the Music of the Spheres
Stopping for a picture on the way to the front gate.