A Day at the Faire
Texas Rennaisance Festival 2003
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OK, so it was a little chilly. And the sun didn't make an appearance, even for a moment. And Taylor couldn't find her shoes. And there was a two-hour wait to get out of the parking lot.  But did that stop us from having a wonderful time? Of course not! This is the Faire, after all.
We ran into lots of magical creatures this year. This one looks a bit hungry.
So we had a bit of a shoe issue this year
Something new for us this year was the Fairy Picnic.
A member of the Fairy Court enjoys some treats.
Rob tries (unsuccessfully) to keep Logan from escaping the stroller.
Afterwards, we take a walk in the Fairy Gardens
Taylor and Logan share some sweets with the Fairies.
The Fairy Queen visits with her youngest guest.
We take a spin in the teacups
Logan loved Gregory, but he wasn't so sure about the kissing part.
Also new this year was the Dragon Cave, full of magic and wizards. There was so much to see!
...and sounds around every corner
There are always wonderful sites...
Fairies of all sizes come to the Fairy Picnic.
Logan and I peek into a wizard's workshop.
Logan explores the hill surrounding the Jousting Arena.
...accompanied by his knights.
...or have a chance to kiss a dragon
No day at the Faire is complete without a visit to Sherwood Forest, where we can see an elephant...
He was a bit more enthusiastic about Plucking a Duck
My two Prince Charmings
The King rides by...
My favorite part of Faire is people watching. Here are just some of the many faces of Faire...
...and of course, there's us!
There are maidens and monsters
Nobility, both human...and not.
Some which defy description
There are fighters
And lovers
Young and old