A Day at the Faire
Texas Rennaisance Festival 2004
We waited until Faire was almost over hoping for good weather, and we weren't disappointed. The day was beautiful and we stayed until they shut the gates.
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Taylor and Logan wait while we get tickets...
There are wizards.. .
Taylor and Logan pause inside the Dragon Cave.
We even pose with a dragon.
...and of course, the fairies.
...and a sorceress...
Or poor Bottom, turned into a donkey.
Like this angel knight
It wouldn't be Faire without a few mystical creatures here and there.
The fierce blue dragon.
Taylor dances with a vendor.
Breakfast awaits
The first order of business is to find just the right sword for Logan.
Not everyone is quite so Noble.
A rose by any other name.
He makes it look so easy.
...or walk by.
The knights ride by...
We also spy Royalty.
Tay and I smile for the camera.
These guys were very patient teaching me a few tricks.
Taylor and Logan with the catch of the day.
Even Logan will sit still through the Birds of Prey show.
Logan finds fun in a hole in the wall.
We can't skip the carousel.
The most handsome rogue at the Faire.
More Nobility.
Young playtrons enjoy the parade.
All too soon, night falls...
...but there's magic till the very end.
Rob and I catch our breath.
The Dragon Swings are always fun.
...it's nice to rest for a while.
...and climbing...
After all that walking...
...and then it's through the front gate and into the Faire!