A Day at the Faire
Texas Rennaisance Festival 2005
Good weather, good friends, and a wedding...what more could you ask from Faire?
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Logan asked to go to the Dragon Cave as soon as we passed the front gates. I was amazed that he remembered it.
This year, we saw more people in costume than ever before...
...from the scary...
...to the sweet.
...to the silly...
First come the bagpipes
...and a bite to eat before the parade starts
And then the knights - on foot...
The Fairie Court is a marvel to behold
We have time for a spin on the carousel...
...and on horseback
As is the Giant Court
Royalty of other sorts march by as well
Some knights aren't quite so shiny
After the parade, it's time for the wedding.
The bride arrives in the wedding coach
All smiles after the ceremony
Tossing the bouquet
We find time to ride the teacups...
...and the dragon swings...
...but rolling down the hill is still Logan's favorite game.
...and climb Jacob's ladder...
Taylor tries out a shoulder dragon puppet
As the day grew cooler, I was glad of my new cloak.
Logan and Taylor take a moment to rest.
But we're on the go again in no time...
...because there's always more to do...
...and more to see.
Like this wolf knight, or the jouster's tents.
We can listen to music...
...or make our own.
As darkness falls, we pause to take in a few more sights on our way to the front gates.