A Day at the Faire
Texas Rennaisance Festival 2006
Monsters, Mazes, Maidens and More
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Logan wants to start with the games.
Jacob's Ladder is tough even for a noble knight!
What are all these people doing?
Taking a lesson from this vendor, who makes it look easy.
We find out it's not as easy as it looks.
Maybe I should stick to eating...
The kids find a booth that lets them dig for treasure.
Next comes Sherwood Forest, where the kids ride the Dizzy Dragon...
...and Logan checks out a Gypsy caravan
We try out the fishing game...
...and other games, too.
And of course, we have to try the maze!
Tay strikes out on her own.
Rob takes the lead.
Logan rings the bell, and we all find our way out...just in time for the parade!
We find more rides to ride
Logan got a little nervous when he saw how high the horses were, but he mustered the courage to ride.
Finding some moments to take a breather...
...and do some people watching
Taylor poses with a knight.
Logan poses like a knight.
Sort of.
We stop for food.
What a charmer!
Twilight comes quickly...
...and gives way to night...
...and time to go home.