A Day at the Faire
Texas Renaissance Festival, 2001
The biggest challenge this year was finding garb to fit over my ever-expanding belly! Sara and Abby joined us again, and we talked them into wearing garb this time, too. It was a great day, with wonderful weather (not too HOT) and the crowds weren't too big.
The Birds of Prey is always one of our favorite shows.
The girls especially liked the Gypsy Dancers...
...and apparently, so did the King!
Of course, no vist to the Faire would be complete without a visit to Sherwood Forest, where we catapulted frogs, shot crossbows, got lost in the maze...and Abby talked Taylor into riding the Dizzy Dragon - twice!
New this year were the Enchanted Gardens. The flowers were gorgeous, and there were plenty of places for photo opportunites.
We also enjoy watching the artisans. Here the glass spinner makes a dragon.
And here a man gets fitted for custom-made boots from Bald Mountain Leather.
The parade gives us an opportunity to wave at Royalty...
...and Rogues.
We always stop by and try out the Crystal Stix...
...with varying degrees of success.
By the end of the day, we're tired, but not too tired to smile!
Rob and I stop to pose on an Elfin bridge.
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The whole gang gets a chance to pose with "royalty".
Although it's nice to catch a ride back to the car.
I stop by to say hello to Sholo...
...while Sara and Taylor take a spin in the teacups
We catch a glimpse of a wedding party headed for the Chapel.
The King and Queen graciously pose for us.
And there's always the chance you'll see something not exactly human...like Gregory the dragon, or even a centaur!