Weekend in the Life...
Saturday, March 8, 2008
I get up early and read a bit
Middle Daughter watches the end of the movie she started last night
I make breakfast and the awake kids eat
Husband wakes up
The boy reads until bathtime
I have a sinus headache. Does it show?
I play on the interwebs
The girls play on the piano
Husband reads nerdy books
More piano playing for everyone!
Time to go!

Husband helps The Boy with his boots

The girls check the mirror one last time
It's springtime!
Oldest Daughter doesn't have any boots. Poor baby!
We are going to need money. Lots of money.
The kids rock out to Husband's Ipod Of The Eighties
Our destination is in sight!!

We're going to the Livestock show.
We park the car and start walking.
We walk past these horses
And we walk past these horses
This is my favorite
We walk some more. (It's a very long walk)
But we are rewarded at the end, because we hit the FOOD TENTS!!

BBQ here we come!
The Exhibit Hall is very, very crowded
We watch some of the judging
The Boy pretends to drive a tractor
The Boy pretends to drive a tractor over Middle Daughter.

Yeah, we're weird.
Pat the bunny!
The trash bins make me laugh
Can we have a baby chick? Pleeeease?

I say no.
I think these cows are gossiping about us
Smile for Miss Moo!
I like the spinning and weaving demonstrations.
The goats are getting all gussied up for the judging
Boots boots boots!
The quilts are gorgeous
The stitching is amazing
Time to try on some Cowgirl glamour
Apparently crystals are the in thing this year
I don't really get the point of this, but Oldest Daughter tells me it's cute.
Oldest Daughter shows off her new Lone Star phone case
Time for more food! We share a funnel cake.

Oldest Daughter thinks I like seefood.
The Boy has had enough of boots for one day
This looks interesting.

I am mean and don't buy it for him.
The Grand Champion Boot.

I couldn't make this stuff up, people.
It's the time of day when sitting is a good thing. We find ourselves doing more and more of it.
The Footsie Wootsie machines are fun and kinda freaky all at the same time
Time to round up the younguns and head fer the ranch.

The Boy is not pleased.
Bye-bye, Livestock Show!
Hello, Mom's house!
Surprise! My niece is here for spring break.
Braxton meets Oldest Daughter for the first time
We hang for a bit
Why is everyone hanging out in the kitchen?
Banana Bread!!  Fresh from the oven!
The Boy shows Sara his new Transformer moves.
My mom takes us to dinner. Yum!
Someone recommends the fajitas.
Back to my mom's. I am very tired.
It's such a shame no one likes this dog.
The Boy pretends to be Braxton.
Oldest Daughter gets arty with bobby pins.

She looks tired.
Middle Daughter collapses while Oldest Daughter does what teenagers do.
Sunday, March 9
We head home
I wake up to find The Boy leaving me a note telling me he cleaned the room while Husband and I were sleeping.

We slept very late.
Middle Daughter isn't feeling well.

Apparently, it's nothing leftover fudge can't cure.
Oldest Daughter is ready to go!

But first she has to take a call on the BananaPhone.
The weather is gloomy today, but the flowers still know it's spring.
We need to rectify Oldest Daughter's state of bootlessness
There are lots to choose from, but she likes these best
She decides to wear them out of the store
Next we buy some face stuff for me. It costs a lot of money to be a natural beauty.
We're only window shopping at Anthropologie, because I'm not made of money.
I didn't expect to love this top as much as I do.

Now I'm sad about not being made of money.
Cutest. Dress. Ever.
OMG I think I had these pants in high school!!

I am officially old.
Next stop, Bering's Hardware. I need coffee and air filters.

Coffee first. We sample some Rainforest Blend while we shop.
We hang out in the garden department for a while
I don't know why she laughed at this hat.
We like the hedgehog
Oh, yeah...air filters
Look at the pretties!
Did I mention that this is my favorite store in the whole wide world?
I want my house to look like the gift department at Bering's.
mmmm...smelly stuff
And shiny stuff!
It's time to head back home.

This is the ugliest house in my neighborhood. No easy feat.

It's bigger than the church across the street.
Yay! Husband bought groceries.
I brown the roast and put it in the oven.
While it's cooking the girls play the piano
I do some of this
and some of this
until it's time to do this. Back in the oven!
So I do some of this
And recruit MD to do this
After dinner, Husband does this
But he also gets to do this
We check on our porch spider.

That's her at the top of the picture. She is a very big spider
This is the web she spins every night if it's warm. She takes it down every morning.
I'm not sure what we'll do this summer when it's warm every night, because she spins this web all across the front of the porch.

It's been a busy weekend! Goodnight everyone!
The Boy watches Mythbusters and takes notes.

Did you notice Middle Daughter and The Boy are still in their pyjamas? This is what happens when Men are In Charge.