Cool Things About My Job

I really loved my job at SAGA. One of the reasons is that I got  to do a lot of really cool things that I never would have done otherwise. Here's a scrapbook of some of the places I went and things I did while I worked there.
Fun at the Airport
This is an Antonov. It is a Russian plane, previously used for military transport but now available for commercial cargo. It is HUGE! It can hold almost a million pounds of cargo. We loaded lots of them for the Bosnia relief effort.
And this is what it looks like on the inside. A big flying warehouse. That's me and my friend Val, standing just about in the middle of the plane. The back of the plane is open for loading cargo.
Perth, Australia
I've spent a lot of time in Perth, and have hundreds of pictures, but the moment I remember most is this one - my first day there, I got to hold a Koala. He was like a squirmy, heavy, cloud - the softest thing I've ever felt. The handler told me they have such thick fur because they fall out of the trees a lot. Must be all the eucalyptus.
London, England
Here I am in Trafalger Square. London is one of my favorite places. Being from Houston, where nothing is more than 100 years old, I found the history here just amazing. Favorite quote from a tour guide: "This is one of our newer churches, having been built in 1532."
OK, so Stonehenge isn't exactly in London. But I did get a chance to go there.  Why do I Iook like I'm about to fall over? Well, the nice tourist taking my picture didn't quite understand that I wanted both Stonehenge and myself in the same shot. So after a couple of failed attempts, I finally just lunged into the frame when she snapped the picture. I didn't find the druid of my dreams, but it's still one of the high points of my life.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The vegetation is beautiful in Malaysia. That's because during the dry season, every day at 4 o'clock it rains. And during the rainy season? Every day at 4 o'clock it rains really hard.
One thing about Malaysia that was really different from home was the street vendors. Another was the food. Here's a picture of both!
We only spent a weekend in Sinapore, but it was wonderful. This is me on Mt. Faber, the highest point in Singapore.
And this is Taylor, really unhappy about sitting on a Camel. We are at Tang Dynesty, a re-creation of an ancient Chinese city.
Tokyo, Japan
Everything is an art in Japan. For example, meals not only taste good, they are beautiful as well, like this amazing display of sashimi (raw fish).
Japan is the country where I seem to make the most social blunders (write me sometime and ask about the 'red dress' incident) but I still love going there. Here I am with my good freind Sachiyo, displaying my ignorance of Japanese culture by smiling with my teeth showing.
Here I am again, after Sachiyo has explained the smiling thing to me. You can also see another view of the sashimi platters. At this meal, I learned some of the protocol surrounding serving and drinking saki. I enjoyed practicing that one!
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